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Second Life

 Jason wakes up dead. All he’s got going for him in the afterlife is his not-so-grieving widow, a spirit guide who won’t tell him much, and a house he’s stuck haunting until he can figure out why – and how – he died. Jason’s in the prime of his second life and he doesn’t like it very much; he can’t even figure out how to leave his house. Can he do what he needs to do to move on? Follow along as he tries to solve the puzzle of his death (and life).

The Black Circle

Don’t you want to know if evil is real? Sarah does. She’s searching for the truth; she’s searching for the Devil, and she’s willing to do anything to find him. But while Sarah looks for answers and the proof she’s always wanted, something is looking for her. Follow Sarah in this Texas gothic serial horror (with a touch of comedy) and find out what waits in the dark.

This Blood

It all starts when Daniela’s only friend goes missing. She’ll do anything to find him – even leaving her small home where she’s been hiding out, alone, for years. Her search will take her through dark and dangerous worlds where she finds enemies and allies old and new. She must decide what she’s willing to do to get her friend back as she gets ever closer to a darkness she thought she left behind. Sometimes you bring the darkness with you. But always there’s blood.

Under New Suns

Under New Suns

An anthology featuring Wet Work by Gabrielle S. Awe!

Finding Satan logo

Finding Satan Podcast

Good Omens meets The Black Tapes in Finding Satan, a Texas Gothic docudrama about a young woman searching for evil; she wants to see it, touch it, prove that it’s real. She wants to find the source of all evil and look Him in the face.

Achten Tan Cover

Achten Tan

An anthology featuring The Bone Whisperer by Gabrielle S. Awe!

Empire of Sky Cover

Empire of Sky

My debut novel!

Six of Crows meets an Ember in the Ashes in this stunning and ambitious YA Fantasy debut with a Sci-Fi twist

Stories in the Dark Volume 1

Stories in the Dark Volume 1: The Horror

It is a collection of 12 of our favorite stories for the show, plus one extra never before seen or heard story!  

Stories in the Dark

Stories in the Dark Podcast

A podcast where I share short stories I’ve written over a variety of genres.