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Raised by assassins, Alinya has only ever known the dark streets of the City Below – the city of merchants and commoners and the young girls that farm magic in the fields of Sky. When she tries to kill the Prince of Sky she sets on a journey of discovery that teaches her the world might be worth saving – as long as she can change everything about it along the way.

Gabrielle S. Awe

Writer, podcaster, sometimes half-assed artist. I’ve written 2 YA Fantasy novels, contributed to multiple anthologies, and I have a treasure trove of short stories that I’m narrating for my podcast Stories in the Dark. I like strong women, clever men, diversity in fiction, settings that are heavy on mood and tone, and all things dark and creepy – and yet still full of hope and glimpses of light. I believe in transformation, redemption, straight talk, and characters who inspire readers that it is, in fact, possible to both do better and be better.